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Monday, June 27, 2005

Jim Collins On Decision Making, Fortune Magazine Interview

Jim Collins, one of the most respected business thinkers today and author of the best sellers Good to Greatand Built to Lastwas interviewed recently in Fortune Magazine. While you must be a subscriber to read the full article, a portion of the interview can be found on Fortune Magazine's website by clicking here.

In the interview, Jim emphasizes the importance of making sound people decisions in creating a great company. When asked about what surprises he found after reexamining his research through the lens of decision-making, he replied:
"...when I look at my research notes and I look at interview transcripts from the executives we've interviewed, one theme that comes through is that their greatest decisions were not "what" but "who." They were people decisions."

Jim Collins is currently one of my favorite authors on business. His research provides solid insights into what it takes to build a successful organization.