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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Microsoft and RSS. Next Version of Windows to Support Internet Data Feeds

This just in from Business2.0. Microsoft is going to make an announcement today at a technical conference about how it is embracing RSS feeds. Here's a post from Dave Winer, the guy who invented RSS, about a trip he took to Redmond in April that explains where Microsoft may be coming from:
The first clue that something weird was happening at Microsoft around RSS was when Sean Lyndersay picked me up for dinner on the first night of my visit. I asked what part of Microsoft he worked for. He said he was on the RSS Team. I gulped. You mean there's an RSS Team at Microsoft? Yeah there is.

On Friday you'll see how deeply integrated RSS is in the architecture of the browser. But that's just the tip of what may turn out to be a very big iceberg. The people at Microsoft noticed something that I had seen, only peripherally -- that there were applications of RSS that aren't about news. Like Audible's NY Times Best Seller list, or an iTunes music playlist, or lists of Sharepoint documents, or browser bookmarks. Lists are all over the place, and people are starting to move them around via RSS, and they are not the usual kind of data that has been carried by RSS in the past.

RSS is just a form of XML, which Microsoft has been promoting for years. It sounds like they are joining the RSS bandwagon to popularize their old notion of Web Services, that people should be able to subscribe to any data they want. In fact, Microsoft is not only incorporating RSS into its next operating system, Longhorn, but will extend it to all sorts of lists and media types. Get more on this topic from by clicking here.