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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Finding Your Own Voice in Sales: Rule #1

Rule #1: Be Passionate About What You Do

What if...

People pursued what they love; what they are passionate about, in their professional career.

Have you ever had that kind of a job? What motivated you? What kind of supervision did it require? Right. You provided your own motivation and supervised yourself.

When you are fully expressed, you have "found your voice". When people find their voice within the vision of an organization, executives can focus much less on supervision, bureaucracy, rules and regulations. In this environment, executives and managers can shift (if they know how) from managing people to leading teams. And this leadership is infectious. Everyone becomes a leader, not just the managers. That is, through finding their voice each individual becomes fully committed to the team and helps others do the same.

Is this possible in the sales organization? I think so. But it takes at least one good leader who is 1. passionate about what they do and 2. willing to help others find their voice within the framework of the team.

And then maybe I would stop seeing so many sales management books with phrases like "managing with fear and love". Instead, how about inspiring Reps to build something greater than what any Rep could do alone? Of course, you need the right people. You need Reps who are passionate about what they do and are excited about being part of something bigger. Yes, money is important. Being aggressive and competitive is important. But with a passion for the job and the desire for greatness beyond the individual, comes the added benefit of having an evangelist for the organization. And THAT is truly a convincing force and powerful motivator in the marketplace.