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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lead Nurturing Programs for the Sales Executive

Startling as it may seem, research shows that longer-term leads (future opportunities), often ignored by salespeople, represent nearly 80% of potential sales. The secret to successful lead generation and marketing in the business-to-business space today is the process called lead nurturing, which converts more inquiries into qualified leads and qualified leads into sales.

For the successful Sales Executive, working smart is the name of the game. All else being equal, Sales Executives who focus the most time on customers who are ready to buy will sell more in a shorter amount of time. But without an effective lead nurturing program, the Rep can get stuck putting too much time into leads that just aren't ready to buy, or spend too much time using brute force cold calling to fill their pipeline; both always time consuming affairs with relatively low ROI.

The solution is an efficient lead nurturing program that develops and queues leads for the future, leveraging technology as much as possible to minimize one-on-one time that the Sales Executive should be investing elsewhere. And with the apparent disconnect between sales and marketing in many organizations, it is up to the Rep to develop and run these programs in their territory.

Brian Carroll, an expert in lead generation strategies, is providing a web seminar titled "Lead Generation for the Complex Sale". While the target audience is marketers, Senior Sales Executives who run their territory like their own business should see this as a great cross training opportunity.

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