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Monday, August 01, 2005

Calling All Sales Executives. Time to Start a Blog?

Blogs started out as a form of personal expression; an online diary or cataloguing of one's experiences or ideas. However, with the growth and reach of the Blogosphere, companies and individuals alike are seeing the value it can have in business. In fact, for an individual, a blog's personalized nature make it an excellent tool for building your personal brand and controlling your online presence.

The importance of this can not be underestimated. A recent Harris poll showed that 23% of people search the names of business associates or colleagues on the Internet before meeting them, and 63% of recruiters are "Googling" candidates (Recruiter's World).

For a sales executive, this can be a great differentiator. Creating a professional blog to showcase your skills, ideas and personality that can help you win business. Prospects want to work with people who can solve their problems but also who they like and trust. A blog goes a long way by helping you to create a successful personal brand, being viewed as an expert in your field and establishing rapport with your prospects even before they meet you in person. It helps your prospects answer questions like:
  • Is this person trustworthy? Do I believe what they are saying?
  • Do I like and respect this person? Do I want to work with them?
  • Can they deliver on what they promise?

And since a good blog takes time and effort, your blog will show you take your profession seriously, going above and beyond what most sales professionals will do to earn business.

Read more about blogging for yourself and your career by reading this article from the Ladders (a job site), titled Build Your Blog to Build Your Career.

To your success!